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Paranoid Apartment by Lala Albert
Paranoid Apartment

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Internet Comics 2 by Maré Odomo


Internet Comics 2

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notes from the casketgirl


made a new twine about long term coffin therapy.

sound is kind of an important element for this twine (nothing painfully loud/jarring) but if you keep it quietly audible around 1 or 3 that should be good.

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Film Antidote: Personal Canon

So I’m super stoked to be apart of this new non-western film-focused website, Film Antidote! The first thing I wrote up for it is a personal canon that are some of my favorite but mostly unknown/less talked about movies. Read it here if you like and check out the other contributors canons too!

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Working Within Transgression

(Below is a bunch of tweets culled and edited from a twitter convo tonight, bundled together here for easier reading.)

I’ve been thinking about ‘offensive art’ and horror and how offensive (maybe another word for it?) art is almost its own genre. When coupled with other genres like comedy or satire, the offense is expected to be outside the boundaries or criticism which obviously nothing is excused from a critical eye nor does comedy negate the offensive subject matter, especially when its done poorly which is a lot.

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Out of Skin by Emily Carrol


Horror works when it upsets the boundary between life and death, the mundane and sublime.

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Notes: Gravity dir. Alfonso Cuarón


Just wanted to jot down a few thoughts after seeing Gravity.

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Figures and Stories

Some notes after listening to this lecture Kerry James Marshall: The Importance of Being Figurative.

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Different Mediums, Different Modes

I want to broach a subject that is rather sensitive between artists and writers working in comics. Creator-owned comics are projects that are usually funded by backend pay based on sales so that both parties work on with no money up front. Sometimes these people in these projects find themselves in a situation where one partner may be laboring out of love while the other works with the prospect of money in mind which usually ends up being the artist.

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